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Little Teeth

Little Teeth

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by Rory Frances and Jae Bearhat
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Whether you’re trying to work through communication issues with your partners, or you want to impress that emotionally elusive DJ you have a devastating crush on — relax, you have come to the right place. A fox girl and wolf boy anchor this collection of stories about a tightly knit yet emotionally chaotic queer community of the fictional Pacific-Northwest city of Woodlands. Each is struggling with ongoing relationship trouble, but, luckily (or not?), they’re not alone.

Little Teeth is a hilarious and achingly real dip into the lives that make up a particular queer community. Jae Bearhat and Rory Frances expertly depict a snapshot of a generation. The characters are sweet, vicious, vulnerable, self-absorbed, caring, and trying to figure everything out from boundaries to what they want out of life. This edition collects and completes the acclaimed webcomic for the first time in print.

About the Artists
Rory Frances is a cartoonist and illustrator, and is the author of the critically acclaimed Boys Are Slapstick. Jae Bearhat is a writer and Editor-in-Chief of ZEAL. Both live in Seattle, Washington.

They created Little Teeth together from a shared desire to depict a gay little world familiar to their experiences. The stories and characters Jae and Rory came up with together reflect their multifaceted feelings on people and relationships — though mostly they like to make each other laugh.

Little Teeth is a total feast. It’s warm, biting, devastating in both hilarity and realness, raucous and sweet like a hard-partying old friend. Jae Bearhat and Rory Frances have brought to life a lush and lovingly rendered world of gay antics that is as comical as it is compassionate.”
- Sophia Foster-Dimino, Sex Fantasy

“Little Teeth pulls you in with its impeccable grasp on how different personalities work and banter that never feels contrived. The ongoing glimpses of the lives (both outward and inner) of these critters will have you feeling their embarrassments, yearnings, and knowing all their inside jokes.”
- Jen Lee, Garbage Night, Thunderpaw

“Some of the juiciest, messiest, realest gay animals that I’ve ever seen.”
- Robert Yang, The Tearoom


Mature Content

200 pages, BW plus 1 color

5.5” x 8” softcover, perfect-bound

ISBN 978-0-9906874-6-7

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